BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Breaks The News… How Tragic

In a Breitbart Radio interview Saturday, Tucker Carlson said that the last decade has brought change to the Republican Party, but that it’s not changing fast enough.

Carlson looked back over the previous decade and noted that President Donald Trump has brought many positive changes to the Republican Party, notably a shift from a more theoretical view of policy to one that has actual impacts on people’s lives.

Responding to a report that 43% of House Republicans who were in power when Trump took office have either been voted out, retired or aren’t seeking re-election in 2020, Carlson said that most of those were not on board with Trump or his policies.

Carlson said that he likes Trump and that Trump has been transformative, but that not everything is about the current president.

He said that a big reason for Trump’s support comes from a recognition that the people who had been in charge of government didn’t really care about the people.

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