BREAKING: Tucker Carlson ATTACKED – Injected Into Veins…

MSNBC host Joy Reid made the outrageous comment during her show The ReidOut on Monday that Tucker Carlson injects racist conspiracy theories “directly into the veins of Republican voters.”

“No singular voice in right-wing media has done more to elevate this racist conspiracy theory than Tucker, who, even with a new head writer, spends night after primetime night injecting the rot from the dregs of the internet directly into the veins of Republican voters,” Reid said about replacement theory.

A New York Times analysis claims that Carlson talked about elites trying to force demographic and political change through immigration in over 400 episodes of his show. Reid equated these comments with replacement theory.

Reid then jumped on the bandwagon of blaming Carlson for the killing of 10 people in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York over the weekend.

“The reality is, Tucker is not some deep thinker. He’s clearly just channeling the gross stuff his viewers could easily find online, then feeding it to Republican voters and Republican politicians as infotainment, and that feedback loop has terrifying reach. That murderous low-life in Buffalo wouldn’t even have to listen to Tucker. He wouldn’t have to watch him at all to get it if they are essentially pulling from the same source material,” she opined.

Read the full story here.

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