BREAKING: Tucker ADMITS It On Air – ‘Total Insanity’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson admitted there is no other way to put it.  The Democrat-sponsored “New Way Forward Act” is “total insanity.”

In his Friday night show, Tucker Carlson addressed the new legislation put forward by Democrats. The bill essentially would prevent our federal agencies from protecting America from dangerous illegal immigrants.

The bill goes above and beyond all previous immigration bills. Carlson explained: “The bill would allow people who’ve committed serious felonies in other countries to move the United States legally, would make it nearly impossible for federal immigration officials to detain immigrants no matter how potentially dangerous they are.

This puts Americans at risk as it would allow dangerous individuals to essentially roam free with no fear of immigration agencies. But it gets even worse.

Carlson also explained, “And perhaps most infuriatingly and remarkably, it would require taxpayers to transport deported criminals back into the United States.”

American taxpayers would pay to transport previously deported criminals back into the states. This legislation is pure insanity no matter the angle you look at it. President Trump needs to act to crush this immediately.

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