BREAKING: Truth About Rush Limbaugh Comes Out – He Never…

The truth about the late Rush Limbaugh just came out. He never did this one thing and his millions of fans admire him for it. This is the real Rush.

“Despite all the fame, wealth, and opportunity, Rush Limbaugh never sold us out,” wrote Breitbart News’ John Nolte. “Not once. Not ever. He never lectured us, talked down to us, or condescended to us.”

Nolte said that Limbaugh didn’t even talk down to “those he disagreed with,” and it is true. The negative picture liberal Democrats and the mainstream media attempted to paint of him never stuck.

People knew Limbaugh by his deeds. “When I was on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Rush Limbaugh made a donation of $100,000 dollars to St Jude Children’s Hospital to support them,” said country singer John Rich.

According to Rich, Limbaugh would only agree to support Rich’s mission and make the generous donation “under the condition that he remained anonymous.” This is exactly the person Limbaugh was in private.

But for the millions of people who listened to Limbaugh on a daily basis, they also knew that this radio legend and intellectual giant was gracious, humorous, and full of love. That is his legacy.

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