BREAKING: Trump’s Most Shocking Pardon – He’s Out

Before leaving office on Wednesday, President Donald Trump pardoned his former strategist Steve Bannon, who was charged with fraud for fundraising privately for a “We Build the Wall” crowdfunding campaign to fund the wall on the Southern U.S. border.

Bannon had not been convicted at the time of the pardon but was going to face trial in 2021.

It was considered controversial to pardon Bannon, who was an offensive figure to some during his days at Breitbart News. He left the Trump administration in 2017 after clashing with some officials there.

While pardoning Bannon might have seemed like something Trump didn’t really need to do, it could also be a move that shores up support among the very conservative for him if he’s thinking about running for office again in the future.

At any rate, he might also look at the situation and not see much at this point to lose. Most likely though, he’s just doing what he thinks is right and not caring what anyone thinks, like he did through his campaign, election, and presidency.

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