BREAKING: Trump’s MASSIVE Birthday Gift – Democrats Fuming

President Donald Trump’s massive birthday gift was just announced and Democrats are fuming. They have tried so hard to downplay Trump’s nationwide support, but everyday Americans have proven Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi wrong yet again.

“Quite a birthday gift for @realDonaldTrump yesterday!” tweeted Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale. “Biggest single-day ONLINE fundraising total ever – $14 million,” he revealed, much to the shock of anti-Trump liberals on social media.

Parscale was met with the kind of vitriol you’d expect from leftist virtue-signalers on Twitter — a bunch of nasty, hot air, but zero arguments whatsoever. They simply cannot fathom that Trump still has so much support, and this will be the downfall of Democrats in November.

“That’s grassroots support that Sleepy @JoeBiden can only dream of,” said Parscale. “The enthusiasm gap is real and it is wide!” In fact, in addition to this record-breaking online fundraising total, Trump himself recently reported another milestone for his grassroots campaign.

Trump tweeted this week: “Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!” This is incredible, is it not? The arena in Tulsa won’t be able to come close to holding these numbers, yet Americans are clamoring for a chance to attend a rally.

There is no way Biden will be able to claim this kind of enthusiasm. As Parscale noted, the “gap” between Trump and Biden when it comes to energy and support cannot be ignored. Democrats have to know they are in for a huge loss when Americans head to the ballot box in November.

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