BREAKING: Trump WON – Iran’s Leader Was Just…

President Trump’s handling of Iran has been a huge win for both him and the nation.

Further evidence of Trump’s huge win is a rare public appearance by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The appearance by Khamenei shows how nervous the regime is of the “level of anger and mistrust” in Iran, retired Army Lt. Col. James Carafano said Friday.

According to Carafano, Khamenei hadn’t been seen at public prayers in Tehran in nearly eight years. The appearance is likely intended to reassure the public.

The unrest in Iran has been building for months. Protests that ended with the death of 1,500 have dealt heavy damage to Iranian unity.

Adding fuel to the fire, Iran’s shooting down a civilian airliner made the situation much worse. Khamenei is doing all he can but it is possible the civil unrest will continue to increase.

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