President Donald Trump just withdrew and the world is in complete shock. They can’t believe he followed through, but he is entirely serious. Trump sure knows how to catch the headlines.

“Congress received notification that POTUS officially withdrew the U.S. from the @WHO in the midst of a pandemic,” tweeted Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), criticizing Trump over the decision.

“To call Trump’s response to COVID chaotic & incoherent doesn’t do it justice,” Menendez continued. “This won’t protect American lives or interests—it leaves Americans sick & America alone.”

However, while Democrats rely on an unaccountable arm of the United Nations — one that allegedly covered up COVID-19 for China — for vital health data, Trump is going in a different direction.

Trump isn’t just trying to drain the swamp in Washington, DC, of corrupt career politicians and Deep State bureaucrats. He is taking his mission worldwide to expose bad actors on the international stage.

As Trump recently noted: “China has total control over the World Health Organization despite only paying $40 million per year compared to what the United States has been paying, which is approximately $450 million a year.”

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