BREAKING: Trump WINS – The Numbers Are In

The Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s nomination of Nathan Simington as FCC Commissioner this week largely along party lines, 49 to 46.

Simington’s nomination puzzled many on Capitol Hill because he was relatively unknown in Washington.

The nomination comes as Trump’s FCC chief Ajit Pai announced that he will step down without having secured the repeal of Section 230 liability protections that would make it more difficult for platforms to censor information arbitrarily or according to their biases.

The FCC has a lot on its plate just now, including dealing with Big Tech censorship that seems to have influenced election results in ways most Republicans consider unfair.

If Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, it is unclear whether a Section 230 repeal will still happen, or whether Big Tech censorship will be left alone to get even worse until next election.

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