BREAKING: Trump Wins Shock Victory – Pelosi Is FUMING

The United Nations recently marked International Migrants Day by noting the challenges of human smuggling rings that try to operate in the U.S. and EU, among other places in the world.

Although there are many areas in which the UN and U.S. have widely differing viewpoints, increasing border security is seen by both as one solution to the problem, as is working with other nations to hold border crossers there instead of releasing them into the U.S. to await an aslyum hearing.

In October, 45,000 migrants tried to cross the U.S. border, down from a high of 145,000 in May but still a huge number. In the wake of better border protection, the UN says human smugglers are charging more to get people across the border and executing people who try to cross on their own.

Any way you look at it, the UN agrees with President Donald Trump that illegal border crossings are a human rights violation and must be stopped.

A new problem that Trump will have to contend with is the evolution of human smuggling rings into agents who can legally escort migrants through the process of asylum or entry into the U.S.

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