BREAKING: Trump Was ABSOLUTELY Right – It’s Really Happening

Following the Senate impeachment trial that resulted in former President Trump being acquitted for the second time, Trump stands vindicated as the Democrats have been exposed for their partisanship.

Impeachment was doomed from the beginning as President Trump had been out of office for nearly three weeks by the time the trial started. Combined with the flawed case presented by House impeachment managers and Trump never had to worry.

However, Democrats have set a precedent by attempting to impeach Trump in such a “hyper-partisan” fashion that should worry all Americans.

Dr. Jerry Newcombe wrote an essay in the Christian Post in which he said, “Public liberty today is at risk because of the rise of the petty factionalists.” Newcombe proceeded to note how Democrats themselves have done far worse than Trump ever did.

Newcombe noted that Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “are on record potentially inciting violence — far more than Trump’s remarks to ‘peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard.'”

Democrats openly encouraged the rioting that engulfed the nation over the summer, and Vice President Kamala Harris even bailed out violent rioters. Yet, Democrats have the gall to call Trump the problem. Trump stands vindicated, and Republicans and moderate Americans are quickly beginning to see that fact.

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