BREAKING: Trump VINDICATED – Veterans Speak Out…

Nearly 700 veterans signed an open letter supporting and vindicating President Trump amid libelous attacks from the mainstream media.

The Atlantic journalist Jeffrey Goldberg published an anonymously sourced story that alleged President Trump called dead American troops “losers” and “suckers.”

Numerous officials who were with Trump stepped forward to say the claims were categorically false.

This defamatory attack on the President prompted the authors of the letter to say, “Recent baseless media attacks against President Trump from anonymous sources are just another example of the depths to which the President’s opponents are willing to descend to divide the nation and meddle in this election. Anyone who knows President Trump has seen his love and reverence for our military and veterans. That is why we, veterans from every generation, are writing today to reaffirm our support for President Trump.”

The opponents of the President have shown that they are willing to go to any length to damage the President including attributing disgusting and horrible words to the President.

This latest attack from The Atlantic is as brazen and bold as any media establishment has tried. Americans around the nation need to know the extent of the lying and dishonesty of the mainstream media.

Read the full story here.

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