BREAKING: Trump VINDICATED – Parents Show He Was…

President Donald Trump was just completely vindicated. Parents have proven he was right all along and they are making sure the entire nation knows. This is an incredible turn of events.

Following Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3, in which he called out the “indoctrination” that occurs in government-run schools “to hate their own country,” an influential parent group applauded him.

“Children in today’s federally-controlled government schools are lied to about American history,” said a statement from United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) after Trump’s speech.

USPIE went on to note how children “are taught that our country was founded on slavery and racism,” even though history tells a more nuanced story with America becoming a beacon of freedom for all.

Ultimately, it is vital that parents attend school board meetings and even run for school board positions. This is how they can closely monitor their local school district and hold it accountable.

After all, while there is certainly too much federal control involved, most public school functions are handled locally and not all operate the same way. Parental involvement will keep schools honest.

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