BREAKING: Trump Vindicated – Impeachment Bombshell Stuns Congress

Marco Rubio is defending Donald Trump against the Democrats’ effort to impeach him post-presidency.

And he isn’t holding back.

“If he’s president of the United States, you can’t charge him criminally,” said Rubio. “You have to impeach him and remove them and then charge him criminally.”

But Trump is no longer the president, as Rubio noted. “In this case, he’s a private citizen,” explained the Florida Senator. “If he committed wrongdoing while he was president, the criminal justice system can deal with that. This is not the right use of Congress’ time. It’s vindictive. It’s about revenge.”

Rubio was quick to say that he thought Trump was not guiltless over the past month, but that the impeachment efforts against him are wrong and political gamesmanship.

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