BREAKING: Trump VINDICATED – Evidence Proves He Didn’t…

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) went on the record opposing the impeachment of President Donald Trump on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Tuesday.

Crenshaw said impeaching Trump would be divisive for the country, and that Trump’s actions didn’t fit a legal definition of incitement.

Incitement to violence is “a very hard legal standard to prove,” Crenshaw said. “There’s no way it could be proven in a court of law in this particular case.”

Crenshaw does think Trump bears some responsibility for the actions of some who were present at a rally in Washington on January 6, who forced their way into the Capitol building and caused damage and fought with police there.

But, he said, “we’ve only got ten days left, and the priority that we need to be engaging in is unifying the country, not escalating things further.”

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