BREAKING: Trump TRAPS Pelosi – He’s Got Her Cornered

President Trump just trapped Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He decided to put an end to her games, and he’s got her cornered. Pelosi has nowhere to go.

Ever since the impeachment witch-hunt started, Pelosi has failed to bring up a vote on Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a priority that she was touted. Now Trump is playing hardball.

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump said that Pelosi was “incapable of moving it” and also made put the blame squarely on her should the agreement fall apart. “It’s her fault, not mine,” if  Mexico and Canada pull out.

The USMCA, the long-awaited replacement for NAFTA, has been waiting for months on end for Pelosi to bring to the House floor for a vote. However, instead of doing her job, she launched another witch-hunt instead.

Americans should demand that she stop playing political games with our nation’s future. NAFTA must be replaced with Trump’s deal in order to chart a new course on trade with Mexico and Canada — one that is fair for us.

Hopefully, now that Trump has publicly called into question Pelosi’s ability to get the job done, she will receive a much-needed dose of commonsense — otherwise, she can expect Trump to continue putting on the pressure.

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