BREAKING: Trump Traitor Gets Bad News – She’s Going Down

One of President Donald Trump’s traitors just received terrible news. She could be going down — there’s no way she can recover from this politically.

According to Breitbart News, support for Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in Wyoming has eroded following her vote to impeach President Donald Trump. In fact, she has “fallen behind her primary challenger by more than double digits.”

Her challenger, state Sen. Anthony Buchard, currently draws 54-percent support from GOP primary, while Cheney only has 21-percent. In short, she is poised to lose and no amount of money can change the outcome.

Furthermore, a recent poll “shows 73 percent of Republicans in ruby red Wyoming view her unfavorably—while 62 percent of all voters in the state similarly view her unfavorably,” which spells doom in another way.

Even if Cheney somehow escapes the Republican primary — which seems extremely unlikely, by the way — voters made be willing to elect her eventual Democrat challenger just to send a message.

This could always be corrected two years later by electing a conservative Republican. Even so, it won’t get to that point. Cheney is headed for an embarrassing defeat in a Republican primary for her impeachment vote.

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