BREAKING: Trump To Leave White House – Country Stunned

President Trump has made the decision to leave the White House and visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, to survey the damage caused by the riots and meet with Kenosha law enforcement.

Over three nights of unrest, rioters torched businesses and caused millions of dollars in damage. The citizens of Kenosha have subsequently been calling for law and order.

The riots occurred concurrently with the Republican National Convention and both President Trump and Republican leaders strongly condemned the actions of the rioters.

During his speech to the RNC, President Trump said, “If the Democrat Party wants to stand with anarchists, agitators, rioters, looters, and flag burners, that is up to them. But I, as your president, will not be part of it.”

Trump has been very busy the last couple of weeks as he has had to travel to the RNC as well as travel to survey the damage left by Hurricanes in Texas and Louisiana.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats support the rioters and unrest, President Trump is the candidate of law and order and voters would do well to remember that in November.

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