BREAKING: Trump To Be BANNED – America Shocked

About 1/3 of social media users polled after the election said that President Donald Trump or Joe Biden should be permanently banned from a site if they spread election disinformation.

Thirty-four percent said Trump should be banned and 28% thought Biden should be. A plurality thought a briefer consequence was important.

One-third said that any politician who spread disinformation should be banned, and lesser percentages said the same about journalists, government agencies, business leaders, celebrities, school officials, coworkers, and family members.

The only problem is, the big social media platforms have been proven to have a biased view of what “disinformation” is, and often label perfectly legitimate stories that way when they want to discredit them falsely.

Until social media can get rid of its bias, there will never be any fairness about what it decides to ban.

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