BREAKING: Trump Tax Return Bombshell – America Stunned

President Biden’s Justice Department has come out and said that the Treasury Department must provide the House Ways and Means Committee with former President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

A memo from the Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel said that the committee “has invoked sufficient reasons for requesting the former President’s tax information. [The] Treasury must furnish the information to the Committee.”

This brings an end to a lengthy legal battle as Democrats have been trying to get ahold of former President Trump’s tax returns since he first was elected.

Democrats suspect that there is some kind of wrongdoing in Trump’s tax returns that will allow them to take him down once and for all. Despite all the effort that the Democrat Party has expended attempting to “Capone” Trump, the results have been disappointing.

While it may seem like a big victory for Democrats in the House, the reality is that Trump’s tax returns aren’t all that exciting. New York Democrats have been attempting to put together a case against Trump using his tax returns and so far have come up with nothing.

Obviously, the Democrat Party isn’t going to go down with trying, so Trump should expect a tough fight ahead.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

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  5. And witch hunt continues. Trump should file malicious persecution charges against Pelosi and the other democrats who are more interested in finding some way to destroy him instead of doing their jobs and upholding the constitution.

  6. I completely agree with you. How about we scrutinize Pelosi and Biden like they’ve scrutinized Trump? The findings would be much more interesting!! Actual charges would be filed and arrests would be made!!!

    1. This is just plane sickening . How about bama’s and obidens ? They have fu…. over us and become multimillionaires . Nether of them have ever had a job add al gore . I think he is worth 300 million. Take a look at occidental chemical
      this is fu….!

    1. What about investigating the Democrats kickbacks. Everyone knows Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Clintons, etc receive kickbacks from the Global Elites, Big Pharma, Special interest groups, etc…… This is another witch hunt for the radicals to keep Trump from running for office. Term limits must be demanded by US citizens for all of Congress.

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  8. more democrat suckers chasing non-existent tax violations ,why do you think Trump fought giving them up publicly ? because there is nothing there, so it is one more thing to beat the dems with .if stupidity was rare ,it would be worth something ,and the dems are stupidity billionaires

  9. I really don’t care about Trump s tax returns. I am more interested in pelosi , Obama’s, Clinton Soros and Harris and Biden. Can you provide those? Or is that privatize act?

  10. And NOW, she is wanting AMERICANS to “Donate” their 401K’s to the government!!! Why doesn’t she just donate ALL of her savings, properties, stocks, etc, and we’d be just fine!!! Leave the “poor folks” out of this mess. What happened to taxes would only affect the rich??

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