BREAKING: Trump STABBED In Back – Doctor Issues Statement

President Donald Trump was just stabbed in the back. The doctor has issued a statement and people are stunned — no one expected this to happen mere hours before the polls close.

Responding to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s open criticism of the president, White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said Fauci’s behavior was “unacceptable and breaking with all norms,” especially “three days before an election.”

Deere also rightly chastised Fauci for “choosing to criticize the President in the media and make his political leanings known by praising the President’s opponent.” Fauci made his opinions known to the Washington Post, no less.

In a statement to the far-left, anti-Trump newspaper, Fauci said that Biden’s campaign “is taking it seriously from a public health perspective,” while Trump is concerned with “the economy and reopening the country.”

After Trump wins reelection this week, he will have the political ability to fire Fauci and replace him with someone who is just as knowledgeable about infectious diseases but isn’t playing politics to make himself look better.

Recently, Fauci has become even more publicly combative with the president than usual — and it is almost like he is angling for a job with a hypothetical Biden administration. This is exactly what DC swamp creatures do.

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