BREAKING: Trump SMASHES The Record – Democrats Stunned

President Donald Trump just completely smashed the record. Democrats are furious about this news — they thought it was possible to beat Trump in November, but the opposite has proven true. He has rallied Americans and defeated the far-left loonies.

“Almost One Million people request tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!” tweeted Trump this week about his upcoming campaign rally. This is earth-shaking news, especially since the arena reportedly doesn’t hold anywhere close to that many people.

But this just goes to show how Trump continues to strike a chord in America’s heartland. People are sick and tired of left-wing radicals trying to run our country and, since being elected nearly four years ago, Trump has thwarted their Marxist agenda however he could.

A Trump supporter even followed up with a joke at the expense of former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee. “SLEEPY JOE BIDEN IS RUMORED TO HAVE 4-5 ZOOM GUESTS!” he said. “THAT MAY INCLUDE HIS TWO BASEMENT BODY GUARDS!”

Democrats have made another serious error. Their first one was nominating Hillary Clinton, who is one of the most disliked politicians in the country. Now, they are doubling-down on failure with Biden — a career politician with zero accomplishments and even less intelligence.

Nearly one million Americans already registered for a Trump rally means it doesn’t matter where the president goes during his campaign — he will be met with huge crowds and plenty of enthusiasm. Biden will have trouble filling a coffee shop of Antifa activists.

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