BREAKING: Trump SMASHES Joe Biden – Democrats Are Shocked

President Donald Trump just smashed Joe Biden. He really took it to the failing presidential candidate and Democrats are completely shocked — they will be in defense mode for the rest of the election.

“Over its four-day convention, Donald Trump and the Republican Party earned 147.9 million viewers and raised $76 million in cash,” reported Breitbart News. By contrast, Biden and the Democratic Party pulled in fewer viewers and dollars.

In fact, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) drew 122 million viewers over four days — that is 25.9 million less — and also raised $70 million in campaign contributions compared to the GOP’s $76 million.

The viewership numbers are especially revealing and it isn’t positive news for the Democrats at all, especially since the election is less than 65 days away. It would appear that Trump continues to have more excitement behind his re-election bid.

This didn’t stop the mainstream media from trying to spin these numbers in the opposite direction, of course. CNN, for example, ran a headline that read: “Biden hits Trump where it hurts: in the convention speech ratings.”

But as Breitbart’s John Nolte noted, even CNN admitted in the actual story that their numbers were based on “traditional TV viewership across America” and most excluded “streaming and other digital forms of engagement.” Convenient.

Read the full story here.

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