BREAKING: Trump SMASHES Her – America Didn’t See It Coming

President Donald Trump just smashed her. America didn’t see it coming, but it has happened — Trump showed a powerful Democrat that she cannot intimidate him or his millions of supporters.

Responding to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), in which she claimed that Trump was “in over his head,” Trump himself had something to say.

“She was over her head, and frankly she should have made the speech live, which she didn’t do,” Trump said. “I thought it was a very divisive speech, extremely divisive,” he continued.

In fact, since Obama recorded the speech “a long time ago” and it wasn’t updated later, she even cited old COVID-19 death numbers. Clearly, she didn’t take her remarks seriously at all. This isn’t surprising.

Democrats care about one thing: winning the election by painting a negative picture of America and millions of people who don’t buy into a radical, neo-Marxist vision, for the country we all love.

Trump even recalled the 2016 election and why he is president in the first place. “I wouldn’t be in the White House except for Barack Obama,” said Trump. “I would be building buildings someplace and having a good time.”

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