BREAKING: Trump Smacks Democrats DOWN – He’s Laughing Now

House Democrats were unable to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a bill to forgive all student loans for students who were misled by for-profit colleges.

The House voted 238-173 for their student loan forgiveness plan but its failure to overcome Trump’s veto means that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ plan will now remain in place.

Devos’ plan included loan forgiveness for students whose for-profit schools closed before they could graduate and partial loan forgiveness for students who can prove their schools misled them.

Whole groups of students could get loan forgiveness under previous rules put in place by Barack Obama, but that has been changed under the new plan.

The Institute for College Access and Success complained that the rule would leave more defrauded students indebted, but Trump and DeVos said the new rule would protect taxpayers from an overly generous forgiveness policy.

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