BREAKING: Trump Signs The Official Order – It’s Finally Done and America Is Cheering

President Donald Trump just signed the order. It is finally official and millions of Americans are cheering. This is the kind of leadership we deserve.

“On Friday, the president issued an executive order that requires ‘all executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government’ to be closed on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, giving federal employees a full day off,” reported the Washington Examiner.

In the past, previous presidents — such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — have allowed half days on Christmas Eve when Christmas Day falls on a Friday. But Trump has taken a different direction.

“Trump has repeatedly emphasized the importance of Christmas during both his first term as president and as a Republican candidate in the 2016 campaign,” continued the Examiner. His executive order is an extension of his approach.

Will Biden place a special emphasis on Christmas as Trump has over the past four years? If the past behavior of Democrat presidents is any indication, probably not — and this would certainly be a step backward.

We should never be discouraged from saying “Merry Christmas.” A vast majority of Americans celebrate this holiday, yet radical liberals seem to want to expunge it from American life. We won’t let that happen.

Read the full story here.

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