BREAKING: Trump SHOCKS Superbowl Fans – This Is Real

President Trump just shocked football fans nationwide. It is happening while Americans watch the Super Bowl this weekend, but he gave everyone a preview this week.

The Trump campaign has released an ad that will air during the Super Bowl LIV match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Franciso 49ers. In the ad, Trump touts his stellar economic record.

“America demanded change, and change is what we got,” begins the ad. “Under President Trump, America is safer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever before.”

Then headlines flash across the ad accompanied by voice-over: “Best Wage Growth in a Decade” and “Unemployment at 49 Year Low.” The ad also highlights Trump’s record on minority employment.

“Unemployment for African-Americans fell to a new low,” said one reporter’s voice. “Unemployment for Hispanics hit an all-time record low,” said another reporter.

This is a brilliant move — Trump is using clips from the mainstream media admitting that his policies are working to lift everyone up. It is incredible what he’s accomplished in just over three years.

See the full story here.

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