BREAKING: Trump Scores Massive WIN – Dems Furious

President Donald Trump just scored a massive win and Democrats are furious. Liberal politicians, consultants, and activists cannot keep up with Trump. He is always one step ahead of them.

According to a Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll “conducted between July 1 and July 3,” Trump’s support from evangelical Christians has remained strong — “90 percent Trump, 8 percent Biden.”

Trump has also held onto a majority of support from those who identified as Protestant in the poll, though the gap is significantly smaller. Trump holds 56-percent support compared to Biden’s 42-percent.

Even so, it is a sure sign that Christian voters have not abandoned him, in spite of what the media narrative may be nowadays. That this poll was conducted in early July is also telling — current controversies simply haven’t stuck.

Even a slim majority of Catholics (52-percent) support Trump’s re-election, likely due to his strong defense of the unborn and religious freedom. Biden cannot contend with the power of this voting block.

This is why — even though Democrats are claiming otherwise — Biden has zero path to victory in November. Trump will win a second term and we can put this entire year behind us. Even brighter days are ahead.

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