BREAKING: Trump Says “NO” – Shock Order Issued…

President Donald Trump canceled a $2 million contract on Wednesday that used fetal tissue from elective abortions for research, the Daily Caller reported. The contract with the University of California, San Francisco has been under review since September.

All contracts involving fetal tissue from elective abortions have been under a nine-month review by the Department of Health and Human Services as part of an attempt by the Trump administration to be consistently pro-life.

Use of fetal tissue from elective abortions for research purposes was banned in 1988, but the ban was lifted during the Clinton presidency in 1993 and was approved by Congress the same year. A Trump official pointed out that in 26 years, no miracle cures or major advances have been made as a result of the fetal tissue research.

Trump was directly responsible for the contract being canceled, and some at HHS aren’t happy about it, the senior official said. In addition, Trump is considering a broader ban on the use of aborted fetal tissue for research.

The cancellation is a step in the right direction toward making government more consistent about a pro-life position. If Trump could finally get rid of government subsidies for Planned Parenthood, that would be even better.

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