BREAKING: Trump Says NO – Major League Baseball Stunned

President Donald Trump just said ‘no’ and Major League Baseball (MLB) is completely stunned. The president’s announcement came out of nowhere, and people are wondering what will happen next. This is incredible.

“Because of my strong focus on the China Virus, including scheduled meetings on Vaccines, our economy and much else, I won’t be able to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch for the @Yankees on August 15th,” tweeted Trump this week, but he also followed up with a promise.

“We will make it later in the season!” he concluded. Trump and Yankees President Randy Levine are “great friends, which makes sense considering New York has been the president’s home for decades. Of course, liberals on Twitter tried to spin the announcement negative.

“Even with no crowd he’s too much of a coward lmao,” tweeted Brian Tyler Cohen, the self-identified, now-former managing editor of Occupy Democrats. Apparently, it is a professional thing for well-known Democrats to tweet “lmao” now. It is easier than having an argument.

The rest of the criticism pretty much fell into the same category, with one person even claiming that the Yankees organization must have withdrawn its invitation. This is another absurd accusation — particularly considering the close relationship between Trump and Levine.

Trump has a lot of work to do and also a campaign to focus on. What he should do is reschedule his appearance for September. By this point, the economy will have continued to recover and Democrats’ hopes of winning in November will be dashed.

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