BREAKING: Trump Says It’s Over – Fans Shocked By…

Former President Donald Trump is known for playing hardball in conversations, often shutting down and intimidating media personnel.

“We’ll get to, Why the hell is Donald Trump talking to NPR? in a bit, but according to far-left NPR, Trump had agreed to a 15-minute interview and abruptly put an end to it after nine minutes,” reports Breitbart News.

“Like the rest of the lying media, NPR wants to pretend the 2020 presidential election was the fairest in the history of presidential elections. Trump, of course, believes he was cheated by Democrats, specifically in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona,” reports Breitbart News.

“NPR grinded Trump over the results of the 2020 election for seven minutes with a lot of gotcha questions that were specifically designed to provoke rather than illuminate,” reports Breitbart News.

The NPR report reads:

“When [Trump was] pressed, it was excuse after excuse — it was ‘too early’ to claim fraud, his attorney was no good, things just seem suspicious.

But it all comes back to the same place: He has no evidence of widespread fraud that caused him to lose the election.

The tone of the interview changed. Trump then hurried off the phone as he was starting to be asked about the attack on the Capitol, inspired by election lies.”

“That final sentence is also a lie. NPR wants you to believe that Trump hung up after NPR asked about the mostly peaceful, vote fraud protest on January 6. But if you listen to the actual interview, Trump said goodbye and hung up well before the interviewer brought up January 6,” reported Breitbart News.

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