BREAKING: Trump Says He’s Going To Do It – Media EXPLODES…

Former President Donald Trump is blasting the New York Times and Washington Post for lies.

“Trump threatened to sue the Pulitzer Prize Board if they do not revoke the prizes awarded to The New York Times and The Washington Post over their reporting that fueled the hoax that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election,” reports Breitbart News.

Trump wrote a letter to Pulitzer Prize administrator Marjorie Miller:

There is no dispute that the Pulitzer Board’s award to those media outlets was based on false and fabricated information that they published.

The continuing publication and recognition of the prizes on the Board’s website is a distortion of fact and a personal defamation that will result in the filing of litigation if the Board cannot be persuaded to do the right thing on its own.

In light of additional recent evidence that the articles for which that prize was awarded contained incontrovertibly false information that misled the public, I again call on your organization to maintain its own credibility by rescinding that prize to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

I call on your Board to pay close attention to the developments in the ongoing criminal trial of Michael Sussman, the former attorney for the 2016 Clinton Campaign. Mr. Sussman is being prosecuted for lying to the FBI regarding false information purporting to show connections between me and Alfa Bank in Russia, as well as lying about approaching the FBI as a concerned citizen and hiding the fact that he was doing the bidding of the Clinton Campaign and Hillary Clinton herself.

Trump made one last demand:

“I again call on you to rescind the Prize you awarded based on blatantly fake, derogatory and defamatory news. If you choose to not do so, we will see you in court,” Trump concluded the letter.

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