BREAKING: Trump Says He Won’t Do It – GOP Shocked

Former President Donald Trump just said he won’t do it and the GOP is shocked. Several high-ranking Republicans and even many voters can’t believe it.

“I am not starting a new party,” said Trump at CPAC. The mainstream media, of course, has peddled the rumor for weeks, but it was nothing more than “fake news” according to the former president. This is why.

“Wouldn’t that be brilliant?” said Trump, once again challenging the media’s divisive narrative. “Let’s start a new party and divide our vote.” Simply put, Democrats would love nothing more than for this to happen.

And it is exactly why it cannot happen. Trump isn’t going anywhere, and he is going to remain a leader within the GOP — much to the chagrin of RINOs. He refuses to back down and it’s why millions of people support him.

Trump continued by saying that “we have the Republican Party,” and while it may seem like a difficult task for some naysayers, he is committed to seeing the party “unite and be stronger than ever before.”

He is taking the same mentality as former President Ronald Reagan, one of America’s most revered presidents. Reagan spearheaded an unbeatable coalition under the GOP’s “big tent” and won a stunning landslide in 1984.

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