BREAKING: Trump Says GOODBYE – Americans Didn’t…

President Donald Trump just said ‘goodbye’ and Americans didn’t see this coming. Millions of people want to know what will happen next. This is an abrupt, bittersweet farewell.

Following Trump’s meeting with Japan’s outgoing prime minister, he reflected on his strong relationship with the leader. “Just had a wonderful conversation with my friend, Prime Minister @AbeShinzo of Japan, who will be leaving office soon,” he tweeted.

“Shinzo will soon be recognized as the greatest Prime Minister in the history of Japan, whose relationship with the USA is the best it has ever been,” Trump continued. “Special man!” The two leaders have had a bond since Trump’s election.

In fact, according to an account from Shinzo, he met with Trump at Trump Tower in 2016. “Alliances cannot function without trust,” he said. “I am now confident that President-elect Trump is a trustworthy leader.”

Shinzo, who is the longest-serving prime minister of Japan, is leaving office due to his battle with colitis — a disease that he was able to keep in check until just recently. Now, he needs to step aside and focus on healing.

Millions of Americans are praying for Shinzo and the future of Japan. His party will choose a replacement on September 4 — which is only a few days away — and there is hope that the alliance between the U.S. and Japan will remain just as strong.

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