BREAKING: Trump Rumors Confirmed – Health Is…

A stunning rumor just emerged about President Donald Trump. His health has become a topic of discussion in recent days, even though the 74-year-old president has repeatedly denied being ill. His political enemies are up to their deceptive tricks again.

“Trump doesn’t have the strength to lead. Nor the character to admit it,” says a new ad by The Lincoln Project, a ‘Never Trump’ organization of liberal Republicans. “We’re not doctors, but we’re not blind. It’s time we talk about this. Trump is not well.”

The organization is run by political operative Rick Wilson and other anti-Trump figures such as George Conway, the estranged husband of Trump’s very own presidential counselor, Kellyanne Conway. And they are pushing one dastardly message — Trump is mentally and physically ill.

“Something’s wrong with Donald Trump,” says the ad. “He’s shaky. Weak. Trouble speaking. Trouble walking.” As this audio is playing, selectively-edited footage of the president walking down steps is shown in order to make him look unstable and fragile.

This is preposterous, of course. Trump has continued to receive a clean bill of health and, even for his age, he is as sharp as ever. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, on the other hand, can barely form a coherent sentence these days; it is embarrassing.

But this will all be over in November. The ‘Never Trump’ wing of the GOP will be defeated once and for all — along with the Democratic Party and the Deep State. The establishment will see that most Americans admire a president with a backbone who follows through on his promises.

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