BREAKING: Trump Resignation Announcement – Nation Stunned

The news just dropped about a Trump resignation announcement. Millions of people across the nation are stunned by this turn of events — no one expected something so shocking less than 100 days before the November election.

Appearing on CNN, washed-up journalist Carl Bernstein, an anti-Trump shill, suggested to Chris Cuomo that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders should force President Donald Trump to resign from office.

Bernstein recalled what led to Richard Nixon’s resignation as an example. He said that “Barry Goldwater and […] Republican leadership marched to the White House and said to Richard Nixon, you are unfit to remain in office.”

Somehow, inexplicably, Berstein is likening his disagreement with Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis to Nixon’s impeachable offense in the Watergate scandal. But the two aren’t even remotely the same thing.

Bernstein went so far as to say that America’s  “national emergency is that we have a president of the United States who is demonstrably unfit, incompetent, not honest, and not capable of dealing with this horrible situation.”

You have to wonder, then, what he would have Trump do. Aside from pushing for a national mask mandate or total lockdown — which would be horrible ideas, anyway — Trump has done everything he can to fight COVID-19 and empowered states to take the lead.

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