BREAKING: Trump Resignation Announcement – Democrats Stunned

The news is spreading nationwide about a ‘resignation announcement’ and President Donald Trump’s name was dropped. Democrats are completely stunned — they never expected this to happen so close to the November election.

“He really should resign,” said turncoat Anthony Scaramucci on Trump. The self-serving media hound, who briefly served as White House communications director, continued by accusing the president of being “incapable of handling what’s going on.”

Scaramucci delivered his scathing remarks on none other than MSNBC, joining the likes of Chuck Todd and other radical liberals in an anti-Trump broadcast masquerading as ‘news.’ Somehow, he still fancies himself a Republican and claims to even speak for Republicans.

“I would just like everybody in our party, the Republican Party, to think about their patriotism over the partisanship and to not be intimidated by the president,” said Scaramucci. “The great thing about our system, it’s really the people that are ruling the country.”

He continued to blather on, of course, but his angle is clear: he has adopted the same narrative as the Democrats — that Trump is inept and has to be replaced. Coming from him, it sounds like nothing more than sour grapes due to his controversial departure from the White House.

Scaramucci would be better off simply declaring himself a Democrat and stop playing this game. He is in it for himself and trying to make a career out of Trump-bashing, which the last thing our country needs right now. Americans should be uniting during times of trouble.

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