BREAKING: Trump REMOVED – Former President Is Furious

Former President Trump’s wax statue was removed from Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio, Texas after attacks left the wax replica damaged.

After being repeatedly defaced, Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks announced that the statue would be removed from its display place and moved into storage. Attraction owner Ripley Entertainment’s Regional Manager, Clay Stewart, said that presidential figures are typically rotated in and out, but constant attacks necessitated Trump’s removal.

Stewart said, “When it’s a highly political figure, attacks can be a problem.” Those attacks left the statue deeply gouged, and they peaked during the 2020 election cycle.

Stewart continued saying, “We’ve always had trouble with the presidential section because no matter what president it was — Bush, Obama, or Trump — they’ve all had people beat them. The ears were torn off Obama six times. And then Bush’s nose was punched in.”

Interestingly, another location in Grand Prairie, Texas, has seen none of the attacks that have been observed at the San Antonio location despite the statue being on display since 2017.

Even after former President Trump has left office, the animosity towards him from members of the radical left still burns strongly. Trump will likely remain a controversial figure for the rest of his life.

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8 Responses

  1. How sad!!!! Such disregard for a President of the United States. I’m lost for words, to describe the “violence” that has penetrated the United States. Personally, I feel, NOT just the elected Democrats (Pelosi, Schummer, Schiff & etc.), but also the Liberal, bias of CNN, MSNBC & etc. are to be blamed. The blindside and ignorance of people, believe the lies, misinformation and “junk” (& Trump was right – fake news) in the country, as caused much of the unrest. God help us, before this country is totally destroyed, by ignorance & stupidity.

  2. Until people are held accountable for destruction of property this will continue. A hefty fine and the money for repair of property plus jail time would be suitable. If the judge lets them off, make him do the sentence.

  3. Constitutional rule of law is no more. I pray people begin to truly understand this. Without the constitution and the rule of law it affords we have no free society. Our Republic is gone and we are all to some degree guilty before the Almighty Creator God in these gross sins that has brought us to this evil darkness. Wake up! God’s people must repent and return to Him and His way.

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