BREAKING Trump Removal Begins – Dems Surprise White House

An effort was just launched to remove President Donald Trump. Senate Democrats have stunned the White House with their latest move — which is nothing more than another instance of partisan grandstanding.

One of the Senate’s most liberal politicians — Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — will propose a resolution called ‘The No PR Act’ that would remove Trump’s signature from all future relief checks from the COVID-19 response.

“President Trump, unfortunately, appears to see the pandemic as just another opportunity to promote his own political interests,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) during an interview with Politico.

Of course, while Trump’s signature being on the checks into the least bit controversial, Schumer and his anti-Trump colleagues are desperate to humiliate the president however they can. It is despicable.

Schumer claims that the measure is to stop Trump from promoting “his own political interests,” but he should look in the mirror. He has spent nearly four years promoting one witch-hunt after another against Trump.

Luckily, the Republican-controlled Senate won’t allow such a blatantly absurd proposal to pass. The president is head of the executive branch, of which the Treasury Department is a part. This isn’t a controversy.

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