BREAKING: Trump Removal Announcement – They Really Did It

The left is trying to remove President Trump from office through the utilization of the 25th amendment which provides for the removal of a President that is unable to perform their presidential duties.

After news broke of President Trump’s positive coronavirus test, many Democrats and leftists went wild with the possibilities the situation presented.

Political analysts from MSNBC to CNN speculated that a scenario that removed President Trump from the ballot under the 25th amendment was possible with the President out of commission for the next two weeks.

The news coming out of Walter Reed Medical Center is good and the President seems to already be getting better. However, President Trump isn’t out of the woods yet and it is entirely possible for him to need more time to recover.

For leftists hoping to remove President Trump from the ballot, the prognosis isn’t good. With just over a month to go until the election, invoking the 25th amendment would likely result in a lengthy legal battle that would not resolve before the election.

Democrats are so desperate to find any method to defeat President Trump which says a lot about their confidence in Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

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