BREAKING: Trump Releases The Video – Dems Hate To See This

The White House shared a video on Saturday that showed members of the LSU football team dancing during a Friday visit there.

The video was posted by wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase and showed footage of many of the team’s players dressed in suits and ties, dancing to the song “Get the Gat” by Lil Elt.

“It’s an exciting day in the White House,” Chase tweeted to caption the video.

Gemi Bordelon, the wife of former LSU football player Ben Bordelon, was also shown dancing in the video. The players also got to tour the Oval Office.

Donald Trump Jr. also posted the video, adding, “I heard they had @realDonaldTrump dancing too but that video is top secret. I could show you but then I’d have to kill you!”

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