BREAKING: Trump Releases Stunning Drug Use Admission – Democrats Are…

President Donald Trump just released a stunning admission about drug use, but it is Democrats who are furious. They never expected this to drop with only 35 days left until the November election.

During a press conference, Trump was asked if he was serious about calling for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to take a drug test. “No, I’m not joking,” admitted Trump. “I’m willing to take a drug test, I think he should too.”

“People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs; a lot of people have said that, a lot of people have written that,” Trump explained, referring to Biden’s participation in the Democratic debates earlier this year.

Trump has a point. As he recently said, Biden “has been doing this for 47 years,” yet when debate time comes, the career politician is somehow able to perform at a decent level. It is a fishy thing, considered Biden is rather incoherent other times.

Let’s be honest: If Biden and the Democrats can repeatedly demand Trump’s tax returns, then Trump can challenge Biden to release the results of a drug test. It is completely fair and will likely come up in tonight’s debate.

But Trump will be on his A-game and Biden — even with preparation and “a big fat shot in the ass,” as Trump put it — will have a difficult time keeping up with the president.

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