BREAKING: Trump Really Did It – GOP Senator Comes Forward

President Trump really did it. A top Republican senator just came forward and shared the news on national television. Millions of people across the country are stunned.

Appearing on Fox News, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) noted that “there’s a very specific reason” why African-Americans support for Trump “on the last four polls that I have seen is over 30 percent.”

Scott explained: “He has not only said what he was going to do. He actually has done it.” The South Carolina lawmaker mentioned “criminal justice reform” and “Opportunity Zones” as some contributing factors.

Ultimately, Scott is pointing out that Trump’s support is high within the African-American community because he has made promises and kept them — unlike the Democrats.

Scott said, “We’re proving that, no matter where you live, the American dream is alive, it is well, and it is healthy.” Trump will be spreading this message while on the campaign trail over the next several months.

Democrats must be terrified about November’s election. Even with their unrelenting obstruction, Trump and Republicans have delivered for the American people — for all Americans.

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