BREAKING: Trump Re-Election Announcement – Democrats FURIOUS

President Donald Trump’s pending reelection announcement just went public. Democrats are furious — they are terrified that it could actually happen.

“This is how Trump gets reelected, by the way,” said late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. “Cancel Dr. Seuss, cancel Abe Lincoln, melt down Mr. Potato Head’s private parts and throw them at the Muppets.”

“That is his path to victory the next time around,” said Kimmel to his audience. While he is an anti-Trump left-winger, he at least understands something: most Americans despise cancel culture because it destroys culture.

Trump was a way to fight back against it, while liberals like Biden embrace ‘wokeness’ and modern sensitivities to the extreme.  Should Trump run for reelection in 2024, he will rightly take aim at this nonsense.

But will Democrats heed Kimmel’s warning? No, because they are stuck on stupid. Biden and his puppets in Congress — such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — are on a one-way ticket to electoral defeat.

It will start in 2022. Republicans are five seats away from taking the House and permanently retiring Pelosi; they also have a solid shot at retaking the Senate, given its 50/50 divide. Cancel culture will not win.

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7 Responses

  1. I for one am not voting for any democrat, period. Pelosi must be thrown out as speaker. Republicans need to take over so we can get back to working for the people. 2022 is the time.

  2. I for another, will not vote for any candidate that does not support TERM LIMITS !! Any candidate running for re lection who has been in office 10 years, should not be allowed to run for that same position

  3. I for one will not vote for any candidate who is not supporting legislation to LIMIT TERMS. I also believe no House Representative nor Senators should be able to run if they have already served in Congress 10 years or more!
    We must get all serving politicians who have been in before the Internet arrived !!

  4. I tried to tell you Eva Pelosi & you Dems. the more you try to discredit Trump the STRONGER HE GETS!!! So keeps it up HE’LL OWN YOU BEFORE IT IS OVER CAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN!!

  5. I agree with everything you people have said! But how are we going to get a different result at the next election cycle using the same dirty dems running the polling places and the same dirty machines programmed with the same dirty results????

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