BREAKING: Trump PUNCHES Back – Dems Stunned

President Trump is punching back at Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. In particular, Trump is going after the former Obama administration’s record.

Biden has reemerged after disappearing for two weeks and is attacking the President over his handling of coronavirus.

Now President Trump has hit back by pointing out the Obama administration’s decisions led to a depletion in national supplies of N95 face masks. The counterattack didn’t stop there.

A Trump campaign news release said, “The Obama-Biden Administration would have also been aware of warnings regarding the lack of ventilators. Joe Biden could have heeded these longstanding warnings when he was in office. He failed to.”

With an effective strategy in place and the campaign against coronavirus in full swing, the President has time to debunk the lies of his opponents.

The past month has seen an unprecedented amount of fake news and deceptive clips making the rounds. President Trump is out to set the record straight.

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