BREAKING: Trump Pulls The Trigger – Pelosi Is Fuming

President Donald Trump sent Christmas cards and a copy of his scathing six-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to Senators on Wednesday, the same day the House voted to pass two articles of impeachment against him.

Democrat senators mocked the White House for sending the items “together,” even though they were actually sent in separate envelopes on the same day.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal offered a disingenuous tweeted thank you to Trump for the letter and Christmas cards, “bizarrely delivered together.” A picture of two different Christmas cards and the letter was included in the tweet.

Trump sent Pelosi the letter on Tuesday demanding that she end the impeachment efforts and saying that history would not look favorably on Democrats for the action.

It was actually Democrats, not himself, Trump said, who were abusing their power to impeach him without evidence or facts on their side.

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