BREAKING: Trump Pulls The Trigger On Adam Schiff – Congress Stunned

President Donald Trump just pulled the trigger on Adam Schiff. The California politician can’t believe it and even Congress is stunned. Trump has thrown a major wrench into the entire election.

“I saw Adam Schiff, this guy, the watermelon head, he’s like a watermelon head,” Trump said at a campaign rally in North Carolina this week. He then took to imitating Schiff in the most amusing way possible.

Speaking to thousands of supporters, Trump rightly mocked Schiff for claiming that the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop — particularly the bombshell emails on it — was nothing more than “Russian disinformation.”

Of course, the FBI and DOJ have confirmed that there’s zero proof to Schiff’s assertion, which must be embarrassing for the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Hopefully, he will be unseated after November 3 by a new GOP majority.

But Trump also admitted that Schiff is “no dummy.” In other words, the ultra-liberal politician is well-aware that he is lying — he is just using a talking point that he thinks will get Democrats and the mainstream media riled up.

At any rate, Trump noted that whenever Democrats try to attack him, it is always about Russia. But the problem with Democrats is they never reliable evidence. Even the now-infamous “Steele Dossier” has been debunked. It’s over for Schiff.

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