BREAKING: Trump Proves Truth In Stunning Report – Evidence Shocks…

President Donald Trump just proved the truth in a stunning report. The evidence has completely shocked the nation — liberals are furious.

“The 1776 Report – produced by President Trump’s Advisory 1776 Commission — is a thing of such beauty, dignity, and scholarship that it makes me wish I were American, not British,” wrote Breitbart’s James Delingpole.

The report, which can be read here, is a powerful document that “explains to Americans why their country is special, why their republic is so unusual and cherishable,” continued Delingpole.

Delingpole contrasted this with his own native country. He said this report has such “a clarity of purpose that you simply would not find in anything produced by Boris Johnson’s flaccid regime” or very few modern ones before it.

There is one exception: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She inspired a deep sense of patriotism, resolve, and purpose in the British people. Working with President Ronald Reagan, the two figures fundamentally changed the world.

Soviet communism was defeated and an existential threat to free societies along with it. Delingpole now mourns “the system” in his country, which has not recognized the “patriotism” and “values which made Britain great” in decades.

Read the full story here.

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