BREAKING: Trump Proves It’s TRUE – Fraud Evidence Stuns Nation

President Trump is presenting damning evidence of voter fraud in Nevada to a state court in Carson City. Trump’s legal team opened their case on Thursday even as Democrats argue there is insufficient evidence to warrant any major action.

Trump’s legal team has a long road ahead as President Trump is down by 33,000 votes in the Silver State, and they will need to make a bulletproof to get those votes overturned.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp detailed what he saw in Nevada, saying, “In my years of experience in politics, I have never seen the amount of illegal voting like we have documented in Clark County, Nevada. It is a level of corruption I didn’t think could happen in a modern, free country.”

Republicans believe they have evidence that thousands of votes were illegitimate as significant irregularities have been discovered in the Nevada election.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, the losing side will likely appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, and this particular case could make its way all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States.

President Trump’s legal team seems to have the evidence they need. Now they just need to win in a court system that has so far been very unfriendly to Trump’s claims.

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