BREAKING: Trump Proves It Isn’t True – Fake News Alert

President Donald Trump just proved it isn’t true. He publicly spoke out and alerted millions of Americans about the fake news reports.

“Martial law = Fake News,” tweeted Trump. “Just more knowingly bad reporting!” Recently, liberal Democrats and the mainstream media have stoked the fears of martial law being declared to change the election.

This is nothing new. Over the past four years, anti-Trump forces have repeatedly claimed that Trump was a “tyrant” who would use any opportunity to seize total control of the country with a military coup.

It never happened, of course. Far from being a tyrant, Trump has respected constitutional checks and balances during his presidency. Even during the riots, he offered federal support to major cities but didn’t force it.

Liberal mayors would’ve been wise to accept his offer, but they were more concerned with pandering to the far-left, anti-police base of the Democratic Party. But Trump respected local control nonetheless.

He has also refused to bail-out cities and states that allowed violence and mayhem. With Joe Biden likely to become the next president, however, much-needed accountability is expended to fall by the wayside.

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